What is your
outgoing message?

Does your voice support or hinder your success?

Let me teach you how to Give Great Voice!

What is Giving Great Voice

Gain confidence and command over your voice in order to communicate more effectively in your professional and personal life!

Giving Great Voice is a fun, interactive program for individuals looking to maximize their verbal communication skills, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. Tasia combines acting games, relaxation & mindfullness practices, and other essential communication tools in this unique program to empower you to use your voice more effectively.

Confidently craft your outgoing message to the world, and take control over your most powerful communication tool, your voice! Giving Great Voice will be your secret weapon for more successful, fulfilling personal and professional relationships.

Benefits of Giving Great Voice




  • Self Consciousness
  • Anxiety
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Vocal Fry
  • Ums & Articles
  • Raspy, Squeaky, Nasally Vocal Tone
  • Misinterpreted Communication




  • Clear Vocal Tone
  • Confidence
  • Clear Communication
  • Self-Love
  • Empowerment
  • Inspiration
  • Command Over Voice

Listen to the Change

Click below to listen to how Giving Great Voice can help you gain confidence and command over your voice.


Before Giving Great Voice

What People Are Saying

I highly recommend Tasia as a teacher for Giving Great Voice. I think a great teacher has to be a great ‘Sherlock Homles’.  Meaning: a teacher has to have the detective skills to diagnosis precisely what the issue is. A great teacher listens and then precisely focuses on where the attention needs to be directed to give the client benefit. Tasia was able to hone in on what my problem was and then offer the solution … and the great bonus with Tasia is that she does it all with warmth, care, and a wonderful smile!

Jeffery S

Composer & Pianist

Working with Tasia has given me more confidence about myself and how I communicate with others. I used to be shy and afraid to speak. I felt tiny, and scared. Tasia has empowered me to use my voice, to listen, and to be listened to. She gave me a great voice, a voice that I didn’t know I could use, with confidence and trust. Now, I feel secure, confident, and happy. Thank you Tasia, you have empowered me to live in the present, I’m so grateful that you helped me change my life for the better!

Gaby R


The overall experience with the Giving Great Voice presentation was really interesting and a great learning experience. I learned a lot of interesting thing about our voice. We are just so blessed to have our voice and to be able to use it as a gift.


14-year-old student

In one word, it would be “well-balanced”. Tasia was committed and dedicated to helping us improve. You could see the wheels turning in her head to come up with the right words of direction, and she succeeded. At the same time, she was down-to-earth and fun. My favorite memory was simply the way she loosened us up after lunch — by dancing around crazily to the tune of “It’s Raining Men”! (get the irony — women only class!!)

I would take another class from her!

Mary Jo

Voiceover Actor

I would like to thank Tasia on how I changed my vocal approach with broadcasting on the Periscope TV app. When I first became a broadcaster on Periscope nearly 3 years ago to show beautiful sunrise and ocean scenes from Florida, my voice was very loud and just didn’t match and coincide with the scenery. Tasia helped me to incorporate Giving Great Voice in my broadcasting and develop a calm and relaxing setting that my viewers can simply enjoy. Matching my voice with calm and serene sounds of the ocean changed my whole experience on Periscope, especially with an increase in viewer numbers and being featured multiple times to thousands of people all around the world!


Voiceover Actor

Such a great high energy class! So many takeaways!

Lori K


Tasia has inspired me to be a better person in all areas of my life through her Giving Great Voice program. The first time I met her I was a struggling single mother trying to find a job. Through our work together, Tasia helped me improve my communication skills with others, and has encouraged me to pursue and conquer my dreams. She has helped me in many ways and I will be always be truly grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Hulda C


It was very interesting and the activities were very thought provoking. The power of your voice is incredible.


14-year-old student

I always expect that a women’s only class is going to be nurturing and enlightening…because they always have been. This class was all that, but it was also SO MUCH MORE! I could go on for hours talking about all the exercises and Tasia’s amazing generosity of spirit and wisdom.

Roni G

Voiceover Actor

I loved the workshop. I was so moved by everyone’s integrity and support! Tasia so perfectly encouraged both humor as well as deep wisdom. Her grounded teaching offered a strong platform for us as artists, as well as women, to re-wire ourselves and bring some of our deeper & more personal gifts into direct relationship with our own abilities to create.

Leni M

Holistic Healer


Giving Great Voice Back

Not only do I LOVE teaching Giving Great Voice, I LOVE Giving Great Voice back.

These are some of the organizations I’ve donated my voice to.

Meet Tasia

“I Love what I do and I do” what I love has always been one of my favorite quotes. I feel very blessed to call myself one of the top female voiceover artist in the country.(She said modestly) I believe in giving my clients “Great Voice” and to exceed your expectations! I’m a story teller that loves to tell my own stories and yours.Coming from and acting background,helps me to not just read the words but to give it meaning by understanding your message and sharing it the way you intended it to be shared.

In addition to the commercials,narration, promos,imaging and political spots I do,I’m most known for my iconic animated characters in video games and animated television shows such as Poson Ivy in Batman:The Arkham series as well as General Shaak Ti in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Kalyio Djannis in Star Wars the Old Republic and most recently Avra Darkos in Wild Star. I also love to give back and have made Take Ten with Tasia Guided meditations for downloads because everyone needs to “Take Ten.” Feel free to download one or both.

If you’d like to see and “hear” how I’ve been giving great voice in my Acting and Voice over career for the last 30 years please visit my website at TasiaValenza.com

Some of the many companies I have worked with.