I often refer to the having the ability to Give Great Voice to others as essential to achieving our goals and dreams. However, the most important person to Give Great Voice to on a daily basis is ourselves! 

It is hard to go out into world and face our challenges when we feel insecure and afraid. One way we can bolster our confidence, and rewire our past negative beliefs, is to affirm ourselves. The practice of positive “self-talk”, or affirmations, can have a powerful impact; resulting in reduced stress and a greater sense of wellbeing. 

The genesis of the word ‘Affirmation’ comes from the Latin word ‘affirmare’ which means ‘to make steady, strengthen’.

Of course, we cannot merely think good thoughts. We have to take action. Affirmations are a great way to activate positive thoughts to manifest our intentions. The act of saying them out loud with calm conviction in the present positive, as opposed to merely thinking them, is a powerful way to rewire our brains and be the master of our minds.

When we make a practice of repeating affirmations on a daily basis, we cement a positive mindset into our subconscious mind moving us to “be what we think and what we say to ourselves”.

Affirmations aren’t merely a good psychological tool for self improvement. Studies have found that they actually rewire our brains, increasing our “feel good” hormones, which in turn create clusters of positive thought.

So, why do affirmations work? First, when we focus on what’s important to us, it’s a pleasurable experience, increasing the chances of making them a habit. Next, when we’re experiencing negative feelings, affirmations intercept those dark, unhappy thoughts. And finally, as we raise our self-worth through this process, we balance out our emotional state.

I greatly believe in the benefits of affirmation practices, and have personally experienced great change in my life after implanting a daily practice. I wanted to share this positive change and help others create a daily affirmations practice. So, I created the affirmation meditation app, Haven. 

Haven offers ten minute or less guided meditations broken down into different masteries from confidence to stress reduction.

I set my intention to not only share these powerful affirmations, but to share them in soothing and inspiring way.

My hope is that Haven will inspire and guide you to saying affirmations daily, and help you create a positive dialogue with yourself. Soon, you’ll be able to achieve all the goals and dreams you deserve to have and more.

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